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Marc Jablonski

Pronouns: he/him

Research interests:

I am a writer, composer, and researcher from the NYC metro area. After graduating with a degree in Anthropology from Muhlenberg College in 2015, I became a research assistant for an ethnographic project studying the mental health of queer asylum seekers in NYC. I then switched gears and applied my foundation in qualitative and quantitative data analysis to the corporate media world, first at A+E Networks, and then for the last 5+ years at AKA NYC, a theater/museum/arts ad agency, where I am currently the Director of Business Intelligence. As part of my role, I conduct research on the behavior of theatergoers and I study how information travels through communities. I am also a writer/composer of works for the theater, writing about labor, political philosophy, media, queerness, and mental health. The multiple perspectives as both researcher and artist has led me to pursue the question: how do people collectively create and spread narratives, meanings and stories?