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Anthro Courses

Check here our archive of current and past graduate-level courses.

To find out what courses are available for the current and upcoming semesters please refer to the department website or search through the NS course catalogue. You may also search through each professor’s bio page (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Undergraduate anthropology courses are offered through Lang College; please visit the course catalog to find each semester’s course offerings.

Core Graduate courses (taught by faculty in rotation):
– MA program: Problems in Anthropology (GANT 6065); Critical Foundations (GANT 6051) and Anthropology Workshop/Colloquium (GANT 5010)
– PhD program: ProSeminars – Methods (GANT 7005), Project Conceptualization (GANT 7006) and Grant Writing (GANT 7007)

Elective Graduate Courses – Fall 2023:
Antina Von Schnitzler: Technopolitcs (GANT 6614)
Barbara Adams: Political Imagination (GANT 6405)
Lawrence Hirschfeld: Race, Culture and the Classification of People (GANT 6113)
Nicolas Langlitz: The Moral Economy of Diversity (GANT 6088)

Recent graduate course offerings:
Abou Farman: Religion & Secularism (GANT 6170); The Death Seminar (GANT 6217); Technologies of Mind & Spirit (GANT 6154); Future Transmission (GANT 6505) co-taught with Milton Trujillo.
Ann Stoler: Grammars of Time (GANT 6296); Documentalities: Evidence Beyond Proof (GANT 6232); Contagion; The (Post)colonial Disorder of Things; Colonial (and other) Histories of the Present (GANT 6125)
Hugh Raffles: Ethnography and Writing (GANT 6310)
Lawrence Hirschfeld: Becoming Social: Culture, Cognition and Early Development (GANT 6165); Cognition and Culture (GANT 6295); Race, Culture and the Classification of People (GANT 6113); Theories of Mind & Society (GANT 6110)
Nicolas Langlitz: Science and Society (GANT 6410)
Barbara Adams: Anthropology & Design: Objects, Sites, Systems (GANT 6405)
Jonathan Bach: Unsettled Objects: Troubling Colonialism (GANT 5615); Politics of Memory (GANT 5700); Ethnographies from the Edge of Capitalism (GANT 5230)
Katharina Schramm: Methodologies of Care (GANT 6152)
Lys Alcayna Stevens: Epidemics & Pandemics (GANT 6135)
Michael Ralph: Forensics of Capital (GANT 6145)
Miriam Ticktin: The Commons – From Private Property to Feminist Other Ways (GANT 6172); Feminist Dilemmas (GANT 6175); Concept of the Political
Shannon Mattern: Redesigning the Academy (GANT 6286); Design Ethnography Workshop (GANT 5490), Mapping the Field (GANT 6218), Data Artifacts, Infrastructures, Landscapes (GANT 6337); Anthropology & Design: Objects, Sites, Systems (GANT 6405)