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Post MA-PhD: What's Next?

March 31, 2021
6:00 pm

We’ll meet with four alumni of the NSSR Anthropology Department to talk about life after graduation. Thriving inside and ∕ or outside academia, they will tell us about their experiences and help us project ourselves in the world.

Our guests will be:

Charles McDonald (PhD, 2019): Charles A. McDonald is the Sava Ranisavljevic Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Northwestern University. He received his PhD in anthropology and historical studies at the New School for Social Research. He is currently completing his first book manuscript, Return to Sepharad: Jews, Spain, and Europe’s Moral Order.

Juliana Beecher (MA, 2020): Juliana Beecher finished her M.A. in Anthropology in May 2020. She’s currently following interests in legacy pollution, waste and discard studies, environmental racism, seeds and soil health through project work at non-profits and experiments in her home garden.

Emily Sekine (PhD, 2018): Emily Sekine received her PhD in anthropology from The New School in 2018. After founding an academic editing business called Bird’s-Eye View Scholarly Editing, she now works full-time as the Cultural/Linguistics Development Editor at SAPIENS, an anthropology magazine for the general public. She’s also a freelance writer who has published in Orion and other outlets.

Smoki Musaraj (PhD, 2012): Smoki Musaraj is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture at Ohio University. Her research focusses on the anthropology of money and value; informal economies; speculative bubbles; anthropology of corruption; postsocialist transformations; and societies of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean. She is author of Tales from Albarado: Ponzi Logics of Accumulation in Postsocialist Albania(Cornell 2020) and co-editor of Money at the Margins: Global Perspectives on Technology, Inclusion and Design (Berghahn 2018).

Virtual (click for the Zoom link)