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Erick S. Holmes

Pronouns: he/him/his

Research interests:

I spent 14 years in the United States Navy as a Journalist and Mass Communication Specialist where I focused on television and radio broadcast news and documentation of military exercises and operations. After my time spent serving in Europe and deploying to eastern Africa, Afghanistan, and other locations, I left the service to pursue my education and develop a broader sense of understanding of the world. My work in the military also generated a curiosity and understanding of the use of propaganda to sway ideas and how the use of media is the backbone of this service. From documentaries, to news or social media, to the tactics of handmade zines, the spread of ideas and methodology fascinates me – down to every minute detail. My interests also lean into militarism, rebellion movements and associated art.

I studied anthropology at the Columbia University School of General Studies, earning my BA in 2022.