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Workshop: What is Ethnographic Media!

December 6, 2023
6:00 pm

On Wednesday, Dec 6, at 6pm, the Ethnographic Media Lab will have its inaugural workshop, “What is Ethnographic Media!”. We’ll talk about how various forms of media—from drawing to dancing—are being used by anthropologists to conduct their research project, and the kind of resources available at the New School for students to explore these avenues. 
Refreshments will be provided. The workshop will be followed by a short ASA meeting. 
The Ethnographic Media Lab was created in Spring 2023 by students in the Anthropology Department. It was imagined as a space where anthropology students interested in incorporating multi-media practices into their research can find each other, learn together, and provide mutual support.

6 East 16th Street, 9th Floor, Anthropology Lounge