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Tamara Alvarez

Pronouns: she/her

Research interests:

Year of Graduation:

Tamara Alvarez is a recent PhD graduate (2020) currently teaching at Eugene Lang College. Based on a four-year ethnographic research in space centers and international organizations in Europe and the U.S., her dissertation, “The Eighth Continent: An Ethnography of Twenty-First Century Euro-American Plans to Settle the Moon,” examines the political, technoscientific, and legal practices, artifacts, and ideas that produce the Moon as a settleable land and a resource frontier. Tamara has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at CUNY and Parsons and given lectures at the European Space Research and Technology Center, Strelka Institute, University College London, and the Collège de France, among others. Her research has been funded by La Caixa, Fulbright, and the National Science Foundation. Tamara is now working on a number of journal articles and a book project, Moonrise, that explores the Moon’s role in nocturnal and intertidal terrestrial ecologies.