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April 30, 2016

Why is the concept of Refuge still relevant to our times? Can we not build enough space for the homeless? From smart cities built from the ground up, to collective forms of escapism, contemporary times revel in a dizzying capacity to colonize space and thought. Yet the appalling cost of the international humanitarian crisis is only rising, and it leaves no room for skittish attention to turn to.

What does conceptualizing Refuge in these times of duress require from us? First off, we reckoned, it requires space. What is refuge as a space? How is it designed? In what ways might refuge be determined or constructed? Who and what does it take to define the space of refuge, and what are the political implications for both?

We would like to collectivize the practices and politics of those among you who may be refugees yourselves to join us in crafting this space: Let us try to create a setting that nurtures new voices and insights to enable a multi-sensory discussion considering sources and sites from photography to storytellers.


Anthro Lounge (9th floor)

6 E 16th St

The New School