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Lee Brando

Pronouns: they/them

Research interests:

Year of Graduation:

Lee Brando earned their PhD in anthropology from The New School for Social Research in 2023. Specializing in medical anthropology, Lee’s work focuses on chronic pain management, opioid prescribing, and substance use disorder. Their dissertation investigates the heterotemporal character of telementoring networks intended to support clinicians as opioid prescribing policy dramatically shifted and led to recursive iatrogenic harms. Grappling with tensions between chronicity of illness and crisis ignited by fast, finite, transactional medicine, Lee reverses the lens of rehabilitation to explore the ways in which rehabilitation operates on clinicians (as opposed to patients) in order to restore medicine’s good standing along with its break from opioid dependence (in prescribing). Lee’s previous research includes aging and sexual minorities in the United States, particularly how lesbians and bisexual women 55+ made housing decisions and plans in the absence of federal and state-level legal protections. They have been a high school social studies teacher since 2008 and taught Introduction to Medical Anthropology at The New School (spring 2020, 2021).