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Public Talk / Carla Hung - Trafficking in Hospitality: Criminalizing the Community Care Networks of Eritrean Refugees in Italy

February 6, 2023
6:00 pm

Carla Hung is a Cultural Anthropologist that works with the Eritrean refugee community on issues of communal care, trafficking, and political activism in a postcolonial context. While most of the work she has done with this community has been based in Italy, she has also spent time in refugee camps in northern Ethiopia and worked with migrants in North Africa and Northern Europe. Her time with politically active Eritrean refugees has shown her what community can look like in the face of inequality, discrimination, and scarcity. Her dedication to the work of Cultural Anthropology lies in how committed the field is to listening, understanding and working with diverse communities. In her work, she spends a lot of time thinking about abolitionism, cultural bias in humanitarian institutions like political asylum, and how can we all better advocate and care for one another.

Wolff Conference Room
6 E 16th Street