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Ewan Shannon

Pronouns: He/Him

Research interests:

From being born and raised on Staten Island, New York, I’ve always had a fascination with how humans relate to, identify with, and rely on the sea and other bodies of water. This led me to a background in historical archaeology, where I have worked with sites and material culture relating to the early maritime Atlantic. After the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted my plans, I spent two years performing contact tracing for the New York State health department before coming to NSSR to resume my original route. Influenced by both my hometown and my background in archaeology, my current interests lie in documentation and interpretation of material and visual culture at Sailors’ Snug Harbor, a former retirement community for merchant sailors on Staten Island’s north shore. I hope to both understand the temporal realities of life for the old “Snugs” through their artistic expressions, and document them as a project of public anthropology and history. I value a multidisciplinary approach, and integrate ethnography, 3D modeling, photography, and other forms of documentation into my work. I received my BA with a double major in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Rochester in 2020, and spend my summers as a site supervisor with the Smith’s Island Archaeology Project in Bermuda. I love talking with people about this project, and we are always looking for diggers! Please email me if you are interested in learning more.