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Day 2: Abolition and Decriminalization – Activism & the Academy

April 19, 2023
2 – 6pm

Activism & the Academy – Other Futures to Enact in the Age of Climate Change and Necropolitics
Day 2 – April 19: Abolition and Decriminalization

What are possibilities for sustainable, radical, and alternative lives in future worlds?

Whilst corporations and the non-profit industrial complex monopolise imaginaries of possible and acceptable options for work and action, distorting visions and possibilities for imagining and enacting common and healthy futures, this series of explorations will examine how alternative paths for making a living and a life may open up through the meeting point of activism, organizing and the academy.

Bringing together activists and scholar-activists from around the city and beyond, we invite students and the New School community to an exchange : What is the relation of the academy to activism/organizing? What are the problems and possibilities in that relationship, and how must the university change? How can academics imagine and make a future as/with activists or organizers? What stands in the way? What kinds of work or modes of organizing work are imaginable or useful? What is the role of the non-profit sector? Is it always a part of the non-profit industrial complex? What are the opportunities/pathways and dangers for making future lives in activism/social change for majors in the social sciences and humanities?

The event will be divided into two days.
Day 1 can be consulted here.

Day 2: April 19 – Abolition and Decriminalization

  • Yin Q, Red Canary Song core collective member, Co-director of Fly In Power film
  • Elena Shih, Brown University, American Studies and Ethnic Studies, Red Canary Song core collective member
  • Andrew Ross, Debt Collective
  • Kei Williams, TNS, Mellon Community Fellow
  • Ujju Aggarwal, TNS, Anthropology and Experiential Learning, Bachelor’s Program for Adult and Transfer Students

Sponsored by Department of Anthropology and CESJ

Location Day 2:

2-4 pm: Room 404, Johnson/Kaplan Hall – 66 West 12th Street

4-6 pm: Film Screening and Reception – University Center, U L105, Lecture Hall